Dance a little Light will be released April 30, 2020

The Outer Sonics will release their third album Dance a little Light
on April 30, 2020.
Unlike the title track says, all the themes on the album are not celebrating a happy ever after. There are shadows, uncertainties, longings you dare not aspire for.. and still a light will find its way, when you give it a chance.
Dance a little Light combines beautiful melodies, heavy riffs and a delightful harmonies – hand in hand complementing each other.
This can be heard in songs like Stellars and Addiction – the softer side of this moon, but not the brightest. Open window has light and hope – it was written to our little ones!

Dance a little Light is as versatile as the previous albums. The band still refuses to compartmentalize itself into any genre, instead it freely throws itself into its music.

Last fall the band released a mysterious proggin´ music video Fear using 360 ° video technology.
The second single Swansea, representing the more rocking side of the band, was released in March.
The third single, Red Moon, will be released
on April 3, 2020.

Stay tuned!

This 6 page digipack is something to wait for!

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