Nina; Vocals, keyboard and kantele

Ari; Electric and acoustic guitars, keyboards and additional vocals

Mika; Drums & Percussions

Samuli; Bass and additional vocals

The story begun at the 2014 when friends started to do some un-pigeonhole music influenced by own old favourite bands. The first song was made and without delay the first gigs were reserved. And that meant that more songs had to be done.

After few gigs the band went straight to studio and record the first album. In the hot summer day 1.7.2016 the album “Violet” was ready. See the reviews and listen the album with some artsy-video works. The album was published and created as an independent artist as it nowadays seems to be very common.

The Outer Sonics never sleeps, so it was clear that the second album must see daylight. So we started to make new songs almost immediately. Now we are close to the edge to release the second album. The release day is still in the purple haze.

Here is the short list of gigs we’ve done so far…

30.9  Tehdas 108, Nokia
5.1.  Jack the Rooster, Tampere

5.10.  On the Rocks, Helsinki (INFO TICKETS)
17.9.  Lentilä rock, Alavus
18.8.  Jack the Rooster, Tampere
2.7.    Yövuoro, Kurikka

5.4.    Kujakollin jamit, Tampere

21.11. Välibaari, Lempäälä. Rymy-klubi
4.9.    On the Rocks, Helsinki Colossus-klubi: Dr. Bogenboom plays    Jethro Tull
30.8.  Circus Ruska festivals, Tampere Circus Ruska homepage
29.8.  Private party, Tampere