”FEAR” musicvideo premiere 31.8.2019 with live stream!

We will celebrate our new 360° musicvideo on the Outer Sonics youtube channel with livestream 31.8 when time hits 21:12 sharp!

Join us, videoteam and actors and have a glass of your favourite kind of bubbling, beer or what ever you choose and listen us chat about this project! And at 21:30 we launch our video for you to see. We will add direct link to livestream here when it’s done.

Check out teaser from upcoming video:

P.s our warm up gig for Pulse show “Pink Floyd’s the Wall” at pyynikki is coming soon 7.9! We have NEW songs for you to hear including this “Fear”! Jarno Forsman will join us on keybords- this will be THE SHOW for us too!